I grew up on a farm in western Germany, where I have been surrounded by plants, animals and a big family every day.
I love gardening and everything that comes with it. In contrast to that I gained big interest in an innovation called “the internet” early on.


I remember the times where we had one hour of internet left for the day and my mum told me to grab my football and go play outside with the other kids.
I was fascinated by the possibilities the internet had to offer.
From games to creating own sites, only your own creativity set boundaries.
This excitement turned into a job later on. Before my studies of media management in the beautiful city of cologne, I successfully completed a two-year training as a graphic technical assistant near my hometown and worked for various media agencies along the way.


Now I can call myself a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Brand Communication and Advertising.
My studies fulfilled everything I hoped for.
During the time I started working in an online marketing agency to learn from industry experts and adapt that experience in university and my daily life.
There I worked my way up to the department head for digital & content marketing.
I also discovered my passion for photography and filming during my semester abroad in California. Where I taught myself everything until today.


Everything I do, I do with passion.

My biggest strength is my creativity which I fully focus to create high quality content for your brand or product.
All from one hand.





Lets create together!